Design, Craft, Cut, Paste, Wax, String and just make

The inbetween, the respite, the practice.

Making art has been central to the way that I live my life. I come from a history of makers. I value the problem solving of design and the productive nature of making objects that are as simple as what they appear to be.

The One Hundred Necklace Project was one that celebrated the power of hematite as a central element to crystal, ceramic beads and other elements.

The Decoupage Project, entitled Respite (for Shirley), is a collection of off cuts from a bookbinder, laid on tissue, mounted on board, and waxed. Please see more on my News post from November 16, 2020.

The Decoupage books are light wood boxes, some with messages, others with color and humor.

These objects are an integral research that informs my art – and they keep me making inbetween the time when I am considering the balance of art and life.

These objects are all available in my store.