A collaboration with Angelika Steiger

The origin of our collaboration is a book. A Dutch 19th C hymnal. Angie and I each took a half…of the cover and the pages. If microgravity is the condition in which people or objects appear to be weightless, our self-assigned task was to transform the pages of this book, delve into the spiritual nature and history of the book’s contents, and perhaps reference these elements in a new, more personal, way.

Manipulating the poetry and the power of the divine, perhaps an act of rebellion or even sacrilege, and changing the pages into individual objects has given the words new meaning and the pages a new perspective.

Using the pages as a source – unlocking and extracting – translating and editing became a meditative process. The objectification of the spirituality that the book possessed became a functional realization of repurposing the words. By making each page a monument, and deciding which words to highlight, a new language was produced, one that neither related to the original language, nor to the original intent of the book.