The world shut down in March…some of the things that I did as the days stretched into April and I watched the buds form on the trees in the woods:

I took up hiking
I washed my windows
I collaged dozens of works with little bits of paper
I yearned for the residency in Finland that I was supposed to be at
I yearned for my studio in Deptford, South London where I am alone by design…and have not stopped that particular yearning…its an ache at this point
I took my temperature, sometimes three times a day, for no real reason
I grieved for my mother who died in February, and to whom I was lucky enough to say goodbye
I spent time with my daughter who I had not lived with for four years

And I had the sublime Julia Douglas design a fabulous new website for me

It has been a long transition from curating, gallery directing, freelancing, art fair crate hauling, along with art making and motherhood. What the current state of affairs has sorted for me is a desire to process what to do now…what meaning and contribution can I choose. The formation of a website is a remarkable opportunity to organize, collate, improve upon, everything that we do…because sending a cohesive point of view into the world is both a challenge and a reward.

Thank you to Julia Douglas for her wisdom, humor and design sense…she also runs an amazing residency program with her partner Colin Usher and makes beautiful work